Environmental, Social, and Governance

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Hayes works in ways that promote a sustainable environment, a thriving workplace, and social responsibility.

Hayes was founded on a simple principle: “To manufacture a quality part.” Since our inception nearly 80 years ago, we’ve remained committed to producing quality products for our customers, no matter the market and no matter their size. Our commitment to quality is sustained by our intentional engineering and processes, but Hayes’ intentionality doesn’t end with our products.

We are committed to deliberate, continuous improvement of our employee experience, our community, and our world. Our commitment to our core values and our Hayes Business System establishes the activities and processes we use to live the company culture.

At Hayes, we are — and will remain — committed to quality, and you will see evidence of that throughout this Environmental, Social, and Governance report. Hayes has and will continue to advance its performance with respect to the environment, social justice, and responsible governance.

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