Disc Brake Systems — How to Evaluate for Heavy Equipment

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There’s a big difference between saying a brake performs well and knowing a brake performs well.



iPad_A Guide For Disc Brake Testing

Your customers trust that heavy equipment performs as needed while keeping operators and job sites safe. Testing brake components is crucial in building that trust.

So, how are confidence and certainty built through exceptional testing?

Our guide, How Brake Manufacturers Evaluate Braking Systems for Heavy Equipment, walks you through the comprehensive brake testing process for industrial vehicle applications.

You’ll learn the necessities of disc brake testing, including:

  • Three Key Testing Methodologies
  • Brake Testing Essentials
  • Top-Tier Testing Equipment & Technology
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Field Testing
  • … and more

Our guide helps you know what to expect from a brake manufacturing partner to ensure brakes perform safely and optimally in heavy equipment applications. Simply complete the form to access your copy of the guide!

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