Electric Vehicle Brakes

Advanced Brake Systems for Powersports, Heavy Equipment & More


You see them every day

Yet as technology advances, e-mobility has spread from automobiles to bikes to ATVs to scooters — even heavy equipment on construction sites is evolving.

As vehicle markets continue to expand into alternative power, who can you trust for brakes that complement every kilowatt?

Hayes — with brake experts who’ve pushed decades of change and innovation — has your back.

Markets Served


Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEV)

Whether it’s street sweepers keeping paths clear or golf carts traversing the links, Hayes equips superior braking solutions for these and other Low-Speed Electric Vehicles.



Electric vehicle manufacturers face the same challenges an internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturer does, in addition to electric-specific hurdles like noise control, weight considerations, and more. Lean on Hayes' experience with electric applications when designing your vehicle.

Electric _ Powersports

Heavy Equipment

Greater efficiencies are driving heavy equipment electrification, compelling the industry to revisit brake system design.

Heavy Equip


For a chance to accelerate their ride and range, cyclists turn to eBikes. Hayes brakes excel in providing precise control on the descent or Monday morning commute.

Ryan Stephens - Hayes MQT-11

Why Trust Hayes for Electric Vehicle Brakes

As a global manufacturer that’s pushed wave after wave of industry innovation, Hayes’ flexibility quickly adapts and shifts focus to new technologies, including EV.

With seismic shifts happening — consumer demand, environmental regulations, lower emissions — electric vehicle brake systems are in demand throughout powersports, heavy equipment, and more. Lean on a partner who works with you to find the right solutions or fresh designs for new electric-powered products.

Our experienced team understands the factors electric vehicle brakes must address: added battery weight, regenerative braking to instantly recycle energy, driving range concerns, and maintaining quiet sound. We stay ahead of the curve to provide the superior quality customers demand.

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